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Faithful Stewardship through Wise Guidance

Building Relationships, Legacy, and Kingdom Impact

Your financial advisor has played a key role in your resources. They know your history, understand your goals, and believe in the impact of your generosity.

We believe you should be able to continue this partnership even with your donor advised fund. When you use The Signatry’s advisor managed accounts, your advisor can be part of managing your donor advised fund’s investments from the first dollar.

You can live out your values through generosity and maximize the resources God has given you.
Your advisor brings the history and expertise to serve your finances, and that same continuity of experience should apply to your generosity.
with Impact
When you unite generosity with the faithful guidance of your experts, godly stewardship and Kingdom impact flourishes.

From The First Dollar

To use an advisor managed account with other foundations, you may have to hold hundreds of thousands of dollars in your donor advised fund before you can invite your financial advisor into the process. But at The Signatry, we are committed to helping you support Kingdom causes, so we invite your financial advisor in from the first dollar—no minimum account balance required!

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Is an Advisor Managed Account a good solution for me?

This depends on your giving, granting and investment goals. We recommend you discuss the option with your investment manager to see how it may benefit you. Our investments team is available for additional questions as well.

How do I create an advisor managed account?

To open an advisor managed account with The Signatry, you will need to complete the donor advised fund application.

In the application, you can indicate your interest and recommend an investment manager for the fund.

After the donor advised fund is created, we will review your recommended manager. Once they are approved, we will work with them to set up the investment accounts.

Can I convert my donor advised fund with The Signatry to an advisor managed account?

Yes! Contact our investments team at The Signatry to request that your fund be managed by your investment manager. You will need to provide some additional information, including the name and contact information of your recommended investment manager. Once the investment manager is approved, we will work with them to set up the investment accounts.

You can still continue to use your donor advised fund as normal through this process, and we will notify you once the new investment account is in place.

I’m an advisor. How can I get started?

Contact our investments team to learn more about the process of setting up advisor managed accounts for your clients. All donors will need to complete the donor advised fund application process with The Signatry.

Still need help deciding if an AMA is right for you?