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Generosity: Fighting from the Home Front

4 weeks ago By Annika Bergen

When I lived in India, little red worms crawled up from beneath my tile floors. They looked like threads, but my teammate informed me they were worms. She also taught me how to kill them. Every morning as part of my daily routine, I doused capfuls of bleach on the little guys till they shriveled up, then I swept them into our trash. Life in India was like that. A beautiful country full of vibrant colors, India brimmed with culture, laughter, hospitality, and adventure. But the stresses of cross-culture living kept popping up. Worms on the floor. Flies on my…

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Problem Solver

Three Lessons From MLK’s “I Have a Dream” Speech

1 month ago By The Signatry

Over 50 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his captivating “I have a dream” speech. From the Lincoln Memorial, he shared his captivating vision with the world. Before he had even reached the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, King had spent many years passionately fighting for equality. Although most of us will never have the platform Dr. King had, there are three lessons we can learn from his activism and famous speech. Address the issue. Martin Luther boldly addressed the issue of racial inequality. He did not avoid or delay action. King knew what he was fighting for. He…

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