Senior Account Management Specialist

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Job Description

This position is responsible for managing the Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) for The Signatry.  Separately Managed Accounts are Donor Advised Funds for which the Donor can utilize his or her personal financial advisor to manage the DAF fund investments.  The position will work closely with Advisors and The Signatry Investment Team to open new accounts and manage the account through the fund lifetime.  This includes working with the Donor and the Advisor on new contributions, funding for charitable giving grants and working with Finance, the Donor Care Team and the Investment Team to respond to Donor and Advisor questions and to problem solve issues that arise.  This position will also be responsible to training and educating Advisors about how the SMA works and the necessary work processes.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Establish and set up new SMA accounts as requests are made through Relationship Managers, Donor Care or through a Financial Advisor Contact. Each custodian, i.e., Fidelity, Schwab, TD Ameritrade, has a different process and forms for establishing new accounts on their platform.   The incumbent must be able to learn the different processes and work effectively with Advisor to set up new accounts.  This also requires the ability to work in a fast paced environment, particularly during peak times at year end.
  2. Function as an expert resource for The Signatry to Advisors and Custodian back office teams in working through establishing SMA accounts with The Signatry, responding to questions and concerns and problem solving. Provide superior customer service in all aspects.
  3. Develop strong partnerships and working relationships with donors and advisors. Develop a strategy for developing these relationships and maintaining contact with the key stakeholders.  This requires strong interpersonal effectiveness skills and communication skills, both verbal and written.  This position must be a trusted contact within The Signatry for Separately Managed Accounts.
  4. Process fund movements between the SMA account and the DAF, ensuring that funds are available timely to fulfill charitable grant requests by the Donor. This requires collaboration and coordination with Donor Care and the Investment Team.
  5. Coordinate monthly account closing responsibilities with the Finance team. This involves coordinating invoices for any administrative fees, quarterly rebalancing to desired cash positions and quarterly performance reporting.

Key Qualifications and Skills:

  • Prior experience in a customer facing, customer service environment dealing with systems and multiple key customer groups on the same account. There are multiple variations in account management with SMAs.
  • Experience in a wealth advisory firm, working with custodian financial services platforms and client investments is preferred
  • A bachelor’s degree is preferred.
  • A continuous improvement mindset and a desire to learn and grow
  • Adaptability and flexibility are key requirements. SMA accounts vary widely based on the donor habits coupled with the advisor and custodian differences.  Must be able to learn each one and adapt style and approach accordingly.
  • Strong organizational skills are essential to manage the paperwork process and to coordinate and ensure all process steps are completed, including timely follow-up
  • Interpersonal effectiveness and communication skills; you must be easy to talk with, be approachable and be easy to understand
  • Meet deadlines and fulfill commitments made to customers on time
  • Sound problem solving skills and the ability to learn new systems
  • Strong initiative to anticipate and address issues and concerns.
  • Alignment with The Signatry values and statement of faith

Work Location:

This position can be located in our corporate office in Overland Park, KS or can be considered a remote position based upon the candidate.

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