a grandmother and her grandkids out in the garden

Generational Thinking in Words and Deeds

September 22, 2023

Generational thinking means recognizing how our actions now will shape future generations. It has the power to shape a multi-generational legacy of faith.

Man paging through an open binder thinking through inheritance plans

Become a Trusted Voice on Inheritance Planning

November 18, 2022

Financial advisors can help clients think faithfully about their inheritance and provide the estate planning tools to achieve their goals.

Beautiful middle aged couple using laptop and smiling while resting on couch at home

Estate Plans, Life Insurance, and Donor Advised Funds

November 8, 2022

Through estate planning, there are ways you can continue your family giving through your life insurance & charitable beneficiaries.

grandfather and granddaughter walking in a park

Five Principles of Inheritance in the Bible

October 25, 2022

The Bible is clear that a good man leaves an inheritance. Discover five principles of inheritance in the Bible and what they mean for you.

couple asking inheritance questions to an advisor

Inheritance Questions: How Much Do I Leave to Who?

March 4, 2022

When it comes to leaving an inheritance, how much do I leave? Who receives what? The Signatry offers guidelines on distributing inheritance.