4 Family Traditions to Celebrate Boxing Day

December 20, 2023

Boxing Day was once a time to practice generosity toward those in need. Learn the history of Boxing Day and 4 ways your family can celebrate this year.

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Creative New Year’s Resolutions that Make an Impact

December 30, 2022

Most New Year's resolutions are focused on self-improvement, but what if we tried new, creative resolutions that make an impact on the world.

carved figurines depicting the birth of Jesus and the christmas story

Generosity in the Christmas Story

December 12, 2022

The Christmas story is one of generosity in more ways than we realize. Explore six characters in the Christmas story and the generous gift each one gave.

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Putting On Traits of Christ as a Tradition this Christmas

December 10, 2021

Christmas traditions are a favorite part of this season. Just like we wear our gifts, we also wear the joy, hope, and generosity of Christ.

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A Letter to My Mother

May 7, 2021

The importance of remembering the generational legacy of the women before us for Mother's Day through our writing of letters.