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Use Every Resource to Ignite Kingdom Transformation

90% of the average American citizen’s wealth is in non cash or complex assets, such as stock or business interest. Yet because traditional giving tells us to write a check, 80% of our giving is done with cash.

However, when we move beyond cash giving, we have the power to take our most common resources and transform them into Kingdom-changing tools. It is a paradigm-shifting thought.

Net Worth


How Does It Work?

Four Common Opportunities

  • Businesses

    Our solutions and tools provide the wise insight you need so you can minimize tax liability and maximize eternal impact.

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  • Stocks

    When you donate stocks and mutual funds, we will liquidate the assets for you and the proceeds will be available in your donor advised fund.

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  • Real Estate

    Whether you own farmland, oil and gas interest, commercial property, or others, you can leverage those assets today to impact the Kingdom long after the final transaction takes place.
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  • Cryptocurrency

    Turn your cryptocurrency assets into charitable dollars in your donor advised fund, and recommend grants for Kingdom purposes.

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Generosity Calculator

Maximize generosity. Use our calculator to see how giving before you sell your asset can increase the impact of your gift.

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Why Give?

It’s where practical meets eternal. What often starts simply as a tax savings strategy can grow into building a legacy of eternal impact.