Your Resources for Year-End Giving

The final preparations for year-end charitable decisions is always an exciting season as your clients are able to put their values in action. To support you during this crucial time, this page provides key resources and information on deadlines you can use with your clients at The Signatry.

Grants & Contributions

Did you know 50% of our contributions and grants typically occur in December? With this large volume, we encourage you and your clients to prepare in advance.

Use the link below to share processing timeframes with your clients.

Year-End Dates & Deadlines

Year-End Grant & Contribution Tips

  • Consider making bulk contributions in November to ensure your clients will have sufficient fund balances to process December grants. View all contributions deadlines here.
  • When recommending a new grant for a charity, including the website, EIN, state, and contact information will help expedite our vetting process.
  • We recommend starting stock gifts by Dec 6, 2021. Be sure to use our form so our team will be able to identify the incoming gift.
  • Encourage your clients to tell their charities to sign up to receive grants via ACH. Once a grant has been processed, ACH often allows us to send and deposit funds in the same day.

Grant & Contribution Forms

Save these quick links for any forms your clients may need

Advisor Managed Accounts

If you use our advisor managed account (AMA) option for clients, we want to remind you of additional important dates and processes.

  • For creating new AMAs, the custodial applications must be submitted by December 15, 2021. Contact with any questions.
  • For transferring stock into an AMA Custodial Account, we will need the journal form and contribution date as well as the AMA stock contribution notice form.
  • All cash contributions should come directly to The Signatry per the AMA Funding Instructions. We request that you do not make cash contributions directly into the custodial account. Download the Wire/ACH contribution notice form here.

Additional Questions?

Please reach out to if you have any questions on the year-end processes.

Resources for Charitable Planning

As you navigate conversations with clients or prepare to introduce new charitable tools, we are here to serve you. Below are various resources you can use to further conversations or feel reach to reach out to us at 

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Donor Advised Fund Application Save this link to create accounts for your new clients. Click Here
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Asset Giving Overview Video Share this video to help educate clients on the asset-based gift opportunities. Watch Here
Generosity Plan Guide Share this free PDF guide with clients for next steps on how to build a generosity plan that lives out their values. Download Here
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