Board of Directors & Founders We're chasing the vision God has set in our hearts.

Our Board of Directors

Our board members hold every quality you’d expect to see: They’re experienced. They’re committed. And they’re invested. But it’s their deep-rooted faith and their belief in our mission that makes them uniquely qualified to build and preserve our legacy here at The Signatry. Most importantly, they’re always available, and they’re always praying—for us, for you, and for the causes we all support.

  • Gary Nagel


  • Mark Bainbridge

    Vice Chairman

  • Frank Brown

    Board Member

  • Mark Hammett

    Board Member

  • Bill High

    Board Member

  • Bob Hodgdon


  • Kari Lipscomb


  • Emmitt Mitchell

    Board Member

  • Glen Posladek

    Board Member

  • Jim Wright

    Board Member

  • Gary Venable

    Board Member

  • Greg Ealey

    Board Member

  • Mark Smith

    Board Member

  • Ron Baldwin

    Board Member

  • Keith Phillips

    MT Board Chair

  • Steve French

    President, The Signatry

  • Frank Mall

    Board Member, Emeritus

  • Bruce Pfuetze

    Board Member, Emeritus

  • Andy Eby

    Board Member, Emeritus

  • Larry Powell

    Board Member, Emeritus

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Our Story

The Signatry’s very existence is a miracle.

In 1999, our two key founders, Frank Brown and Pat Lloyd (both from Kansas City), did not know each other. Moreover, neither of them dreamed that they would start a global Christian foundation whose influence would spread worldwide.

Frank Brown’s business success meant he faced a tremendous tax burden, and his financial advisor recommended Frank set up a private foundation. In researching his options, Frank stumbled upon the donor advised fund world, and he flew to a conference in Atlanta to learn more. While there, he was surprised to see his name listed in a brochure as someone interested in starting a Christian community foundation.

Pat Lloyd, who had long been known for her giving, attended a different Christian conference in the same building a week later. There she was given a brochure about starting a Christian community foundation—the same brochure that listed Frank Brown.

Through a divinely orchestrated series of connections, Frank Brown, Pat Lloyd, Bill High, and other founding board members came together in Kansas City to pray about whether God was putting something together, something bigger than any of them had dreamed.

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