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Generosity Live: Joe Williams

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August 31, 2018

As The Signatry, generosity is personal for our staff. We intentionally choose to live out this call God has placed on each of our lives. How we live generously takes many different shapes, so through the year, we want to share stories from our work that may help spark your own ideas!

In August, Joe Williams, President of The Signatry Plains region, based out of Oklahoma City, had the opportunity to lead a team from his church to Uganda where they led two Christian conferences for over 2,500 women. The days were full of lively worship, teaching, and service to others in the community.

What makes this missions effort unique is Joe’s church, Henderson Hills Baptist Church of Edmond, OK has sought leave a lasting impact and empower the community, beyond their limited time at the conference. In serving here for previous years, they uncovered the need for women’s hygiene products. Without access to basics like sanitary pads, it impacts women’s ability to attend school or work a job during their cycle.


Joe’s team found that they could buy supplies for hygiene products in Uganda and employ workers there to produce reusable sanitary pads. Joe’s church members, which includes Signatry donor advised fund holders, now raise money each year to support this work, and they also partner with Afripads, another nonprofit dedicated to meeting this need for women all over Africa. In previous years the team has purchased dozens of sewing machines for ladies graduating from two year tailoring courses, thereby providing them with an in-home means of making a living.

This is what generosity looks like as people unite together to solve the problems in the world all with the love of Christ.

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Joe said, “On these trips, we see people living in circumstances we would consider less than ideal, but they are not pre-occupied by those circumstances. In fact, they are joyfully serving the Lord and others. It is a reminder that when we get outside ourselves and participate in a generous life, our conditions are no longer a pre-requisite to joy.”

How will you pursue generosity? Think about the problems in the world you’d like to be part of solving, and your journey begins.

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