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Your Business Can Be a World-Changing Resource

Godly stewardship is woven into every part of owning a business. From managing employees, to teaching your family about wealth and generosity, and even to the taxes you pay, the opportunities are ripe for Kingdom impact.

Are you called to live out your values through your business by moving beyond traditional giving? Your business is your tool for solving problems in the world and fueling the things that matter most. Charitable giving strategies with The Signatry can help you limit your taxes to make a lasting impact.

At The Signatry, we know what it is like to run and sell a business. We also know that no two businesses are the same. That is why we have dedicated experts to walk you through charitable giving strategies no matter where you are in your generosity journey.

Put Generosity to Work

Running Your Business
Running Your Business
Selling Your Business
Selling Your Business

You have worked hard to invest and grow your business. Now it is time to use those rewards to steward your values and make an impact.

Learn about the unique charitable strategies that can unlock tax savings and give you the tools to better support the causes you love.

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Stewarding Resources
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Your business has been an important part of your life. Use a charitable giving strategy to ensure it is part of your legacy. When selling your business, this can be an important tool in reducing tax liability, living out your values, and making a difference in the world.

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3 Questions to Ask Before Selling Your Business
It just made sense to give a portion of my business through The Signatry. The process was smooth and as straight forward as this type of transaction can be.
Working with The Signatry on this gift was a no-brainer. They helped me to share God's resources in big chunks, sooner rather than later.

Whether you are running your business or selling it, your generosity
journey is unique to you.

Talk to our experts to learn about all of the strategic options for your situation.

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