The Impact of Saying “Yes” to Championing a Cause

The Murphy family and the Mitchell family said “yes” to champion the cause for orphan prevention by supporting the vulnerable children in their community right when critical needs pop up. Both families’ generosity inspired their children to say “yes” and follow in this passion for family preservation.

Maddie told us, “Here we are years later, that seed is growing into our own faith, our own calling, our own passion.” Each family’s work with CarePortal has created ripple effects through the families they serve.

Want to make a difference, but unsure where to start?

Start by identifying the causes you may be interested in championing. Walk through a list of the cause categories many of our donors support through donor advised funds. This list may help to get you thinking about how your faith, values, and experiences connect you to God’s workers solving problems around the world.


Walk Through a List of Causes to Champion

List of Causes