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December 5, 2018

In October, at our Tennessee Light The Way event we provided $20 bills to event attendees and challenged them to give away the money away and share their stories of generosity. Read how God moved and inspired individuals to live out values with their families.

I asked my two children (ages 9 and 7) who they would like to help if given $20 to give away. They both simply answered, “someone less fortunate/the poor.” At this same time, we have had a funding drive at our church for people we help in India through the work of a local church there. The kids thought this qualified and so we earmarked this $20 gift for them.

Thank you for helping with this important work.

Burton Williams

I was inspired by the presentation given by the CEO of Tractor Supply and his emphasis on establishing a culture of giving at home in the family. I have 4 kids 2 boys 2 girls ages 14, 12, 9, and 5. I shared with them at the dinner table what I had learned and then gave them each $5 from the $20 given to us at the conference. I then gave them the task of finding someone in their class at school that was less fortunate than they and giving them the money.

Don’t despise small beginnings right!!

Jedidiah Chambers

I was looking for a unique opportunity to give the monies away, with no real choice coming before e for several days. Then one of our grandchildren came to visit and it hit me. Let’s split it up and put into our grandkids 529 college plan. Hadn’t intended for it to be used for family, but it aligned with the legacy giving.

Bob Starnes

Mary, a friend of mine is planning to take her family to Disneyworld & her mother who has serious health problems & is in a wheelchair. She has been saving her money for a long time & is waiting for the Dr. to give his permission for her mother to take this trip. She is in & out of the hospital regularly. Her mother realizes she could die on the trip, but said she would rather die while having fun. Mary was blessed by the $20 gift, and I was blessed to give it to her as I shared with her how this all came about. I continue to learn how the small things we give others like a prayer, a hug, an encouraging word or a gift of money bless me more than I can say.

Pam Hawkins

Thank you so much for the gift of the luncheon and the $20. I decided to put all of the talks on generosity and teaching it to the next generation into practice.  I talked to my grandson, Haynes, about generosity and gave the $20 to him to decide where he would like to give it. Here is what he decided.

I want to give it to Zambia, to help build a church,
or sponsor a kid for a month. Thank You!
Love, Haynes

This is through the ministry, Arise Africa, that his church supports, and is planting and building a church there.

Marti Scudder

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