Define Key Values to Shape Your Family’s Legacy Together

We will all leave a legacy no matter what.

Define and share your legacy now to last in your family for generations to come.

Think of your legacy as the intangible assets you leave behind: your values, beliefs, and actions. You play a role in shaping this legacy, but so does the rest of your family.

This guide provides a framework for working with your family to establish clear, lasting values that you can live out together. It starts with family conversation. Through short teachings, opportunities for reflection, and prompt questions, you and your family can discuss:

  1. Foundational Values
  2. Preserving the Faith Through Generations
  3. Encouraging One Another
  4. Recording and Remembering Family Stories
  5. Focusing on the Intangibles
  6. Living Generously
  7. A Celebration!


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The Philips Family: Forming Four Generations of Generous Legacy

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