Bring Greater Generosity to the Kingdom

An Important Update from Steve French & Dale Armstrong

The Inkwell

As we close out 2022, we have pledges from generous donors that bring us 93% of the way to funding Inkwell — our annual operating fund — for the next three years.

Now, we are inviting you to prayerfully consider investing in the momentum of this ministry with a special contribution to Inkwell.

Your participation will keep the generosity flowing as you help make it possible for other families to maximize their giving to the Kingdom.


pie chart illustrating 93% to goal

There are three ways to give!

Choose the gift method that is best for you.

  • Donor Advised Fund

    Make a grant recommendation from your donor advised fund! Click below to login, then select "The Signatry" as the grant recipient.

    Fund Login

  • Non-Cash Gift

    To make a gift of stock, real estate, or other non-cash assets, contact our Donor Care team at (913) 310-0279 or [email protected].

  • Cash Gift

    Make gift via electronic check, credit card, or debit card using the secure form below.

Need assistance? Contact our Donor Care team at (913) 310-0279 or [email protected].

Secure Form

Looking to make a gift from your donor advised fund? Click here to login to our online portal.

How would you like to contribute?

ECHECK or CREDIT CARD – utilize the donate form provided on this page.

CHECK –  write Inkwell in the memo line on the check and make it payable to “The Signatry”.


The Signatry
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By clicking “Give Now” you are acknowledging:

  • Your donation to the Fund is an irrevocable and nonrefundable donation to Servant Foundation d/b/a The Signatry (EIN: 43-1890105);
  • The assets held in the Fund are The Signatry’s property, and The Signatry has exclusive legal control over the assets; and
  • The Signatry has not provided any goods or services in consideration, in whole or in part, for your donation.

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