Build Your Family’s Generosity Plan

a dad and his three daughters sitting down to build their generosity plan with pen and paper

Move beyond the default actions of generosity and connect your values to the issues closest to your heart.

You already know the standard reasons to practice generosity, but how can you begin to move beyond box-checking and make generosity a personal, meaningful way of life? It starts by discovering the driving passion behind your generosity, connecting your values to the issues you observe in the world, and then deciding how to put generosity into action in your own life with your God-given resources. Lay the foundation of generosity by building out your plan and unpacking these questions:

  1. Why do I want to be generous?
  2. Where will I be generous?
  3. How will I be generous?

Use this guide to reflect and build your own generosity plan or bring your whole family in to create a giving plan together.

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The Wright Family
Discover your Family’s Generosity Plan

“So, if there is one last people group on the face of the earth who has never read or heard the word of God in their heart language, we would love to write that check and give them the chance to understand and internalize the love of Jesus Christ and Father Almighty. Our giving journey has been extremely personal, extremely prayerful, and extremely rewarding.”

Jim Wright

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