A Woman’s Legacy Workshop

You have profound and unlimited potential.

Identity matters. Women have been given an identity that calls us to live beyond ourselves. So how do you begin to explore and solidify your identity and its impact?

Join The Signatry workshop experience to understand why God created you and discover the rightful contributions you were destined to make. You will learn how to identify your God-sized dreams, how to live them, and how to overcome barriers holding you back. The adventure starts here!

About the Workshop

We look forward to inviting you to a relaxed conversational environment designed for you to engage in discussion, activities, personal reflection, and effective teaching.

Interactive Sessions Interactive Sessions
Interactive Sessions
You will walk through sessions and curriculum with live teaching and then engage in discussion together. You receive a workbook to keep and continue your journey.
Personalized Guidance Personalized Guidance
Personalized Guidance
You will receive information on individualized personality profiles to help you grow in understanding of identity. Time for feedback and input on your drafts will be available.
Application Application
Intentional time is provided to begin drafting your purpose statements and goals. Resources and new ideas are provided to help you learn how to put these plans into motion.

Session Overview

The workshop is divided into 6 topics

Session 1: Understanding Your Purpose: Addressing the purpose of a woman

Session 2: Legacy & Transitions: Seasons and cycles of life

Session 3: Personal Uniqueness: Developing your personal identity statement

Session 4: Building for the Future: Identifying your dreams and setting goals

Session 5: Overcoming Barriers: From dreams to reality

Session 6: Unlocking Your Dream: Practicing generosity and next steps

How to Get Involved

Attend an Event
We offer a limited number of workshops per year. Reach out to see when the next offering is and if seats are available.
Host An Event
Bring a workshop to your city by hosting an event. Contact Carole Urbas for more information on availability and details to host.
Support the Events
Whether through offering event space, prayer commitments, or financial support, you can participate in furthering this work of legacy building.
Reach out to learn more about the opportunities. We look forward to connecting!

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Why Women's Legacy?

How does a woman live out God’s calling for her in today’s times? The world tells us we have to be one thing, when in fact, God’s Word tells us something entirely different. The Signatry and the Women’s Legacy Workshop give you the tools to not only understand your purpose as a woman but to put that purpose into action, to dream big, live generously and ultimately advance His Kingdom. The Signatry is exploring ways to help women build meaningful and lasting legacies that will be passed down to future generations.