The Difference in Living Generously

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When we think of someone living generously, we don’t often focus on the checks they write or the tax breaks they receive. Most often, when we observe someone living a generous life, we notice how they spend their time, the work they do for the common good, and the character behind their acts of generosity.

When we live generously, it goes beyond charitable donations. It involves a willingness to give of your time, energy, and God-given gifts. Here are three questions to ask if you desire to expand your generosity:

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Who/how can I serve today?

Being generous requires intentionality. By setting your mind to seek out daily opportunities to live generously, your heart will be motivated to give in a deeper way. Thinking intentionally about generosity will position you towards situational generosity, where you can meet needs that exist within your community.


What can I give besides money?

There is a common belief that says you cannot live generous if you don’t have money. However, living generously goes beyond giving financially. Acts of generosity like volunteering and serving require time and energy. These gifts are often more valuable to the recipients than money. Leave a lasting and priceless legacy by using your unique abilities and passions to meet the needs in your community.


How does living generously impact your legacy?

Giving generously frees you. It loosens the grasp of material possessions and self-involvement. Living generously has a profound impact on your personal character and is a key training ground for younger generations. Making generosity a part of your lifestyle allows you to model and teach biblical values to those around you.


A generous lifestyle is an invitation to be a good steward of what God entrusted to you: your time, talents, and treasure. By embracing the generous life, you will leave a lasting impact on your community, family, and eternity.

This post was originally published on March 8, 2019.

A generous lifestyle has no barrier to entry.

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