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As you explore your fund, its features, and make contributions and recommend grants, here are a few tutorials that walk you through the processes that you might need help with.

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Link a Bank Account Using a Routing Number

Link Your Bank Account to a Fund

We use Plaid to link donors’ bank account information to their DAFs. Plaid can automatically connect with many major banks. However, if your bank is one of the ~2,000 institutions that does not populate via search within Plaid, you can still connect your checking account by authenticating the account with micro-deposits. Micro-deposits can be used to authenticate any bank account in the US. Plaid will make two deposits of less than $0.99 that post within one to two business days (sometimes longer for certain institutions). In order to link your bank account using the micro-deposits method, follow the steps below.

Step 1

After logging in to The Signatry, visit your profile center (from the bottom left corner). Then, under Accounts, select the “+ Add New Bank” button highlighted below.

Step 2

Select the continue button to start your process through Plaid, our secure bank linking platform. If your bank does not populate via the search, you can select the option to “Link with account numbers” highlighted below.

Step 3

Follow the series of on-screen steps prompting you to provide the name associated with your bank account, routing and account numbers, account type (checking only), and permission for Plaid to use micro-deposits. Please note: the account type MUST be a checking account, as our platform cannot process contributions from savings accounts.

Step 4

Your linked bank account info will display in a pending status within your profile center. Wait for the micro-deposits to post to your bank account, and then return to the accounts info section of your profile and click “Verify Account.” Follow the on-screen steps from Plaid to confirm the micro-deposit amounts. Please remember to confirm these deposits within one business day of the deposits arriving to your account. Plaid will then pull the micro-deposits back out of your bank account. Your selected checking account should now be linked to your profile at The Signatry.

Recommend a Recurring Grant Series

Recommend a Recurring Grant Series

Learn how to set up a recurring grant to your favorite charities.

Step 1

From your fund’s dashboard or grants tab, select the “+ New Grant” button in the upper right corner.

Step 2

Select the charity you wish to recommend a recurring grant series to. Then, in the grant details portion, make sure to set your desired amount, and that the “Recurring Grant” tab is selected (highlighted below). Choose what date you wish the recurring grant series to begin, and choose from the list of repeat interval options. Your amount in the amount line would be granted at every repetition in the series (i.e. $300 every month).

Step 3

Be sure to select an ending date or total number of occurrences you desire for the series. You can also just allow the grant to “Never” end if you do not have a specific end date in mind. Then, fill in any recognitions, special purposes, and if you wish to make the grant anonymous, select the checkbox. Then, select “Review” and submit your recommended recurring grant.

Change Email Preferences

Change Email Preferences

Navigate to your email preferences and toggle your preferred settings.

Step 1

After logging in, go to the Profile Center icon in the upper right corner of your fund. Select “Profile” from the drop down.

Step 2

Select the “Settings” tab (highlighted below).

Step 3

Then, under the Email Preferences section, manage your preferred settings by turning on or off specific email categories. Select the “Advanced” arrow to show a more granular level of notifications that you may toggle on or off.

Add a Mission Statement

Add a Mission Statement

Learn how to add your family’s personal fund mission statement onto your fund online.

Step 1

After logging in, navigate to the “Settings” tab from the left menu options (highlighted below). Then click the “Edit” button at the upper right corner of your Fund Information box (highlighted below).

Step 2

In the Edit Fund Information dialogue box, you can type your own generosity mission statement into the Mission line (highlighted below). Then, hit “Save.” Your fund mission statement will show up under your Fund Name. You may need to refresh the page or log back in again to see the changes.

Getting Started with Tutorials

General Platform Overview

Understand the navigation, how to change your settings, preferences, and more.

Making a Contribution

This video will walk you through the steps and features of making a contribution to a fund.

Recommending a Grant

This video will walk you through the steps and features of recommending a grant to a charity from a fund.

Questions About Your Platform

Which fund balance tells me how much I have to grant?

You will notice both a current balance and available balance show on your fund’s dashboard. The available balance is the balance that you can use to recommend grants from. It shows the final fund amount after pending contributions, grants, transfers, and other activity officially post. This available balance will change as your investments are reconciled.

Balance Graphic


How long will it take to process my grant?

We are largely processing grants on a current basis, so the normal timeframe is 3-5 business days. The process can take longer if you have submitted a new charity that we must vet or a charity whose pre-approved status has expired. 

Fund balance issues, such as insufficient funds, can also delay the processing. We do our best to notify you if you have a grant that may be delayed due to insufficient funds.

Is my card and bank information safe to store on my profile?

Through your profile in the bottom left corner of the platform, you can add and save bank details or a credit card for more efficient contributions. This data is encrypted and secured through Plaid and Stripe, our payment processors.

What if my bank does not populate after searching?

Some local and small network banks will not show up via the search feature in Plaid. You can now link a bank account by using a routing and account number. Please follow the steps at the top of this page under the “Link a Bank Account Using a Routing Number” feature guide to help set up your checking account through this method. You can also make your contributions through card, mail a check, or use the Wire/ACH form.

What does the grant payment status "Paid" vs "Complete" mean?

For approved grants, “Paid” indicates that funds have been sent from The Signatry. This means that a check has been mailed or an ACH deposit has been sent. The status of “Complete” indicates that the funds have been deposited by the receiving charity. 

A majority of funds are paid via ACH, and we encourage charities to participate in ACH payments for grant payment efficiency. Charities can fill out our ACH form to be added into the system.

What are the fees associated with my fund?

All of the fees associated with your fund can be viewed on our website or on our fee guide here.

Reach out to the Donor Care team at 913.310.0279 or [email protected] for help with your fund.

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