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Charity Funds

Over 90% of the average American’s wealth is held in complex assets, such as stock, business interests, or real estate. Yet when fundraising, most nonprofits only ask for cash gifts. A Charity Fund with The Signatry allows a nonprofit to receive gifts in any form. Through a charity fund, donors can give all kinds of gifts—cash, real estate, business interests, stock, and mutual funds. The Signatry handles the paperwork, processing, and liquidation, which allows your charity to focus on what it does best—changing lives.

How It Works

The donor initiates a gift of any type to your charity fund with The Signatry. The gift is liquidated, depending on the type of gift, and the proceeds are placed into the charity fund.
While contributions are in the charity fund, they can grow in our biblically responsible investment pools.
When your ministry is ready to draw from the Charity Fund, you can initiate the grant of funds.
Simplify the Process
Funds are off-balance sheet, held at The Signatry, and advised by your nonprofit. Your donors can easily contribute to the fund through a variety of assets.
Create a Reserve
Use your charity fund as a strategic reserve to fuel your nonprofit’s long-term vision and invite donors to participate.
Open Possibility
Use the charity fund to receive complex asset gifts or publicly traded stocks to increase the opportunity for your donors’ generosity.

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The Signatry team has their ear to the ground on major trends impacting the very type of major donors we need to understand. The information and insights their training provided were well worth the effort to be part of it.
J. Godsey
Heartbeat International
As a ministry leader new to the donor development arena, the major gift training was extremely valuable. The practical insights provided by the team at the Signatry provided tools that I can implement immediately. I was energized to take what I learned and apply it in our ministry setting. I highly recommend!
Chad Pollard
President Kansas Christian College
I’ve appreciated how The Signatry’s Ministry Services team creates spaces for ministry leaders to learn from each other, share insights and ideas. It’s so valuable to connect with experts as well as colleagues about the opportunities, issues and challenges facing donors and ministries.
Lisen Tammeus Mann
VP of Development & Marketing, Youthfront
The Signatry team recognizes the importance of developing nonprofits and leaders of excellence. They provide multiple forums for peer sharing and connectivity, which are invaluable. The return on that investment is a stronger community of organizations and leaders that donors can confidently invest in to advance the kingdom.
Randae Davis
VP of Marketing and Development, Global Teen Challenge
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Opening a Charity Fund

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